Thank You

Grounded Sage for the inspiration
Bungoman for the header logo and subsequent site design
Sylvia for the logo
Camp Champions for hosting us
Konstell, caesararum, Polimath, and Nobody for heading up the badge work
Nobody (again) for the amazing app
Nobody (again again) for helping manage our discord server
PiquantParvenu, Lovetheusers, and thenerdsquest for creating a super cool matchmaking algorithm
Justin Murphy for his selfless promotion of vibecamp
Jaclyn, @MaryZoso and @pammalamma for creating vibebook
Colby for being the sexiest person in TPOT.
Yassine for being our dancy party and DJ organizer.
Stoobe for his generous donation that made our dance parties next level

Our lovely fae at the first vibecamp: Bask, thenerdsquest, Jane, Anansi, Nathaniel, E.K. Menw, Pony Chadala, BirdofPlay, Sass, Thermes, Zachary

Everyone running events at the camp!
There are more of you than we can name here, and without you vibecamp would just be a few hundred people milling about a summer camp. Thank you for bringing your passion!

Hek, George, and Vivid Void for being integral to the early success of vibecamp

And all our generous donors!