What is it?

vibefund offers financial support, networking, and counseling for members of the vibecamp community to help them make progress on creative, technical, and professional projects.


Who’s eligible?

You’re eligible as long as you’re a member of the extended vibecamp community, which includes anyone who:

1)    Has attended at least one vibecamp event, or

2)    Has a ticket for a future vibecamp event, or

3)    Is recommended by someone in category 1

The only other requirement is that you’re working on (or want to work on) a specific project that can somehow be viewed/accessed/purchased by the public when it’s done (whether you want to charge people for it or not).


What’s available?

Depending on the type of obstacles you’re facing, the nature of the project, and the project’s roadmap, individual applicants may qualify for an initial grant of up to $500. Once you’re accepted, you’ll also be automatically considered for future funding opportunities as they arise.


What can I use the money for?

That’s up to you! vibefunding is meant to help with whatever’s holding back a project, whether that’s the need for expensive equipment, sourcing art, traveling for research, or just paying for food and rent.


What’s in it for vibecamp?

Community support has always been a core part of vibecamp’s mission. We see vibefund as a way both to give back, and to invest in our community. But we don’t expect a financial return on this investment; the success and personal development of community members enriches us all.

We only ask you to keep us updated on your project’s status over time, and mention vibecamp/vibefund (if possible) in your project’s acknowledgements/credits (or equivalent) when you finish.


How can I apply?

Fill out the form at the bottom of the page!


What if I don’t have a project?

vibefund isn’t just about financial support. We’re also establishing a broad network of talented individuals to help you focus your skills on the coolest projects. Fill out this form to be added to our talent & support network, and we’ll let you know when we hear about projects with needs that match your interests & abilities!


What were those other services?

vibefund applicants benefit from access to vibefund’s network of talent, so we can help you link up with people who’ve got skills you’re missing. vibefund will round out your team with people who share our goal of seeing your projects brought to completion.

We’re also putting together a counseling team that offers regular check-ups on project status, suggestions on roadblocks, money management tips, and mentorship opportunities.

We’ll discuss all these services, and more, during the initial application conversation.


This is amazing! How else can I help?

Reach out if you’d like to discuss how you can support vibefund. If you’re completely blown away and just want to donate so we can offer more funding, click here. 100% of vibefund donations go directly to funding the community.


I have more questions!

Check out the vibefund FAQ.