If you want to know who does what for vibecamp, this is the place.


Brooke is our CEO (Chief Enthusiasm Officer). Her infectious enthusiasm, likability, and ability to pivot rapidly is what made vibecamp a success. From a homeless drug addict to CEO of the coolest company in the world in 3 years, Brooke has a history of turning low-probability possibilities into actual outcomes.

Colby is in charge of operations and infrastructure. He's the guy ensuring that everyone has what they need for a successful vibecamp. From coordinating volunteers, to determining our supply chain, Colby's engaged in building the experience

Scott is our CFO and contracts guy. He keep vibecamp viable by ensuring that everyone is paid on time. He keeps us grounded and catches what others might miss.

Orb is our CTO. He's in charge of making sure we have a functional tech stack and wrote most of our early ticketing system.

Buddhi is our vibekeeper. She manages the border between business and illegibility, which means we gave her all the hard philosophical problems like, “How do we sell Merch without becoming overly commercial?” and “How do we craft safety policies without becoming police?” She's also been responsible for the Tea House at vibecamp 1 and 2.

Grin is a big picture guy. His extensive startup experience helps us make good decisions on technology and strategy.

Token Employee

DC is the aide-de-vibecamp, and he won't let us change his title. He supports the team by keeping track of our information and doing a whole lot of database work. If anyone has a question, he either has the answer or will get you one.

Recent Volunteers

So many of people have volunteered their time and energy to help us work on the future of vibecamp; here are just a few of them:

Brundolf is hard at work designing the 2024 vibecamp app.

Ship is an outdoorsman and seasoned festival goer. He was a volunteer at the second vibecamp helping with parking and other tasks, and is now working with Colby on the overall logistics of next year's events.

Jen has also volunteered to help out. She's working with DC to make better maps for future vibecamps and she's advising Brooke and Buddhi on how we can support community-led projects at vibecamp without taking-over those projects. (I told you we gave Buddhi all the hard questions.)

Yassine took point on arranging the DJ schedule during vibecamp2 and has stepped up to help us coordinate all of the projects and activities our attendees bring to vibecamp in 2024.