Vibecamp truly is our baby. And that makes us the loving, weird, slightly dysfunctional, metaphor-torturing family.

Brooke is the crazy aunt. Her infectious enthusiasm, high likability, and ability to context shift and pivot rapidly is what has made vibecamp a success. From a homeless drug addict to CEO of the coolest company in the world in 3 years, Brooke has moxy and drive that are hard to overstate.

Buddhi is the big sister. Her style is 2nd only to her kindness. Buddhi helps with the vision and voice of vibecamp.

Colby is the conspiracy theorist alcoholic uncle. He was responsible for volunteers and events at the first vibecamp, and does a little bit of everything here.

Grin is the fun uncle. Using his extensive startup experience, he helps us make good decisions on technology and strategy, and he's always ready to sneak you some contraband candy when mom's not looking.

Scott is the father figure. He does all the boring jobs that no one else wants to do, including legal shit and money. This family man always catches what others miss and helps steer the ship.

Orb is the cool cousin that gives you weed. He does most of our programming and ticketing tech.