Why vibecamp?

Successful beyond our wildest dreams, vibecamp is the yearly mini festival we memed into existence.

2020’s lockdowns affected everyone, challenging our standing routines of being social, thoughtful, and active in the world. Many of us directed our unused energy online, forging new connections and friendships, and finding communities to be part of across the internet. Our corner of Twitter has somehow become the intersection of hundreds or thousands of these people and communities, sharing our ideas, humor, and goodwill with one another no matter where we are in the world.

While interacting on Twitter or Discord is delightful, all along we’ve looked forward to the chance to get to know each other in person. As lockdowns end and travel resumes, many of us have been able to do just that, cementing what were just internet friendships in the real world. We’ve realized that the energy and excitement of this community isn’t just a product of pandemic loneliness, and we really do have the potential to do amazing things! We just need a reason to come together.

vibecamp is that reason. We recognized that nothing was standing in the way of creating an event that would multiply the creative energy, excitement, and joy that our diverse and far-flung online community sparks in all of us. Of course, we also want to throw a big party. But this is a party with a purpose, for celebrating our community in its entirety, and there’s no better way than to highlight the diverse subgroups that make sharing Twitter with one another so weird and fun.

There are no definitions for who belongs at vibecamp. There are no clear boundaries for the membership of ingroup. There is only the constant, undeniable sense of a community disorganized around collective appreciation of our separate, special uniqueness. At vibecamp, we will explore what that means, and share what we all can bring to the table. We can’t wait to see you there.

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