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The Vibecamp team sees our primary role as building a stage and then helping our attendees fill it in with whatever they would like to see. As a result, we can't make any promises about what will be at the NEXT Vibecamp; but we can give you some of the Names and Descriptions of attendee Events that happened at previous ones.

Competitive Poetry Recital while I spray you with a hose
Oh you like poetry? . poser, i bet you can' trecite it to a crowd while getting sprayed with a hose.
You can read off of a paper but it'll get wet. You can read off your phone but it'll get wet too. Maybe you better recite it from memory. You will have 2 minutes maximum.

The classic children's nuclear apocalypse simulation game from hit summer blockbuster Infinite Jest. Join a team as one of nine nuclear powers! Lob ballistic missiles (tennis balls) at your rivals! Form alliances!  Break alliances! Score the most points to win a prize! Celebrate the original x-risk and end the world in style with fellow appreciators!

Welcome summer, life, and everything good by wrapping colorful ribbons around a pole in an exercise of joyful clockwork. Instruction provided. Exact location to be decided as I find the best pole on site. UPDATE:  meet at existing pole between dining hall and pavilion.

Fairy Ball
Don your wings elf ears frills and lace and dance amongst the fireflies at dusk.

How and Why to Goth 101
Why should you goth? (surprisingly good reasons!) How does one goth? (Actually super easy!) Learn the basics of goth on a budget, as well as several basic dance moves that'll have you fitting in pretty darn well.

Conflict Improv
Draw cards describing conflict scenarios and strategies, and do an improv scene in front of other attendees.
You are invited to make yourself a little uncomfortable and lean into adversarial behaviors you don't often practice. If you're not used to raising your voice, consider raising your voice. If you're afraid of being seen as entitled, demand things from the other person.

White Mirror Futurism
It's easy to imagine a broken world.  Come share your vision for a healthy one.  What does our best future look like, and what are your ideas for how we get there?  We'll go around the group and do a little discussion on each.  Come prepared to make notes of who you want to set up deep dives with later.

Jazzomatics: Travelling the Spaceways
Jazzomatics is a somatic exploration of music, with a little bit of Jazz history thrown in.
During this activity we'll listen to two versions of a selection of songs, one of which will be a performance by intergalactic jazz titan Sun Ra and his Arkestra.
We'll listen in with our bodies to how different artists can approach the same song with intentions & philosophies in their hearts & spirits, and how we as listeners can be in relationship with their explorations via melody, harmony, tone & rhythm.

Sparkle Club
If you prefer some structure when meeting new people, here’s a chance to find what makes a conversation more likely to end up in unexpectedly meaningful places. Connection and Conversation Games.

...and SOOO many Dance Parties
Dance parties usually start around 9 and often go til 2 am...join the Discord to coordinate your session if you'd like to DJ a set.