Upcoming Events

Our mission is to support physical manifestations of digital connections wherever they occur. We're doing our part through the yearly vibecamp festival and our one-off events like vibeclipse, but we'd also like to support everyone else hosting these kinds of gatherings, to help keep the ecosystem anti-fragile.

So here's a timeline of all the camps and meetups organized through twitter that we know about!


Mastering the Game of Allyship Unveiling Event by Wendell
Nov 30, 6-9 PM, Pacific Time
Tickets through Eventbrite.

Vibehole by Maeby
Jan 18-24
Near Antalya Turkey
Tickets can be acquired on the website.

caulicamp by Cauliflower
February 2-5th
New South Wales, Australia
You can buy tickets here.


vibeclipse by vibecamp
April 5-8
Near Austin Texas

kaiclipse by kai
April 6-10
Near Austin Texas
We are choosing not to resent the competition, which you can apply to attend here.

jesscamp3 by Jess
May 16th-20th
London, England
Tickets are available here.


vibecamp3 by vibecamp
June 13-16
Northern Maryland
Ticketing and information available soon

How do I add my event?

Send an email to Your event does not have to be ticketed, but it should probably be able to accommodate at least 20 people.

How do I build a better events calendar for you?

We want to treat the website the same way we treat our events, built on community contributions. If you're keen to code a better calendar (or build anything else for the website) you can also send an e-mail to