Upcoming Events

Our mission is to support physical manifestations of digital connections wherever they occur. We're doing our part through the yearly vibecamp festival and our one-off events like vibeclipse, but we'd also like to support everyone else hosting these kinds of gatherings, to help keep the ecosystem anti-fragile.

So here's a timeline of all the upcoming camps that we know about! We're experimenting with ways to help host a public events calendar. In the meantime, if you're hosting an event you'd like on our timeline email us at!


vibeclipse by vibecamp
April 5-8
Near Austin Texas

jesscamp3 by Jess
May 16th-20th
London, England
Tickets are available here.


vibecamp3 by vibecamp
June 13-16
Northern Maryland
Ticketing and information available soon

What are some past events people have hosted?

Here's a list of the 2024 gatherings that have already come and gone!

Vibehole by Maeby
Happening Now!
Near Antalya Turkey
Tickets can be acquired on the website.

Metta Dance Party with Tasshin
Jan 20
Berkeley California
Tickets available through Eventbrite.

VibeSlice by Adam
Jan 19-22
Salt Lake City, Utah
Details can be found in this tweet.

caulicamp by Cauliflower
February 2-5th
New South Wales, Australia
You can buy tickets here.

PNW TPOT Regional Gathering by steven fan
February 18
Portland Oregon

How do I add my event?

Send an email to Your event does not have to be ticketed, but it should probably be able to accommodate at least 20 people.

How do I build a better events calendar for you?

We want to treat the website the same way we treat our events, built on community contributions. If you're keen to code a better calendar (or build anything else for the website) you can also send an e-mail to