What is vibecamp?

What is Vibecamp?

At its heart, vibecamp is a friendship festival, an unconference about community. Imagine a convention, but replace the paid speakers, sponsored product demos, and vendor area with whatever the attendees were excited to bring themselves. At vibecamp, the people are the point.

How did it start?

In 2020, governments around the world asked everyone to isolate in response to a global pandemic. With travel restricted and most work-forces pared to the bone, there weren't many options for socializing irl--leading many of us online to cope with the isolation as best we could. One of the best features of the internet is that it's global. You can interact with (just about) anyone in (almost) any part of the world. So we did. Somehow, our corner of the internet became the intersection of hundreds of people who shared ideas, humor, and goodwill with one another around the globe. As 2020 stretched into 2021, we bonded on social media sites like Discord and Twitter (where we started calling ourselves “This Part of Twitter” or TPOT).

Eventually restrictions were lifted and “normal” life resumed, but now we had all of these new friends from the internet. We didn't want to give those friendships up, and we didn't want them to take a backseat to the offline “real” world and so the whispers started, “What if we met up in person?”

Soon, it wasn't just a meme. A handful of people secured a time and location, set up some basic infrastructure and started selling tickets. More than 400 of us showed up, bringing ourselves and whatever we wanted to share with each other. We had dance parties (and dance classes before the dance parties), lectures, collaborative art, poetry, music, s'mores, and many, many conversations with interesting people.

Why vibecamp?

Vibecamp is a party, but it's a party with a purpose. We gather to celebrate all of the diverse subgroups that make sharing this world so weird and fun. There is no single definition of who belongs at vibecamp, no boundary for membership. There is only a constant, undeniable sense of community (dis)organized around a collective appreciation of our separate, special uniqueness. Vibecamp exists to explore what that means and to share what we can all bring to the table.

We can't wait to see you there.

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