Vitalia X Vibecamp

Vitalia X Vibecamp
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Vitalia is forever, and Vitalia is everywhere!

On April 8th at 1:34pm those near Austin Texas will be able to experience a total solar eclipse.

Vitalia is collaborating with Vibecamp for our vibeclipse event from April 5th through the 8th at Camp Champions in Marble Falls, Texas. You are invited to join! Vibeclipse will be the first step in gaining momentum towards a Vitalia hub in Austin.

To purchase your ticket:

  1. go to, and create an account.
  2. Fill out a short form, by clicking “Apply to vibecamp”. You will be automatically approved.
  3. Then buy your discounted ticket here:

Vibeclipse is a 3 night event with cabin lodging and food included. Everything that happens at vibeclipse will be produced by you and your fellow Vibecampers and Vitalians.

Vitalia will be forming their own Vitalia cabin and hosting Vitalia events at vibeclipse.

See you in Austin for the Total Solar Eclipse!