vibefund FAQ

How is this involved with vibecamp?

vibefund is an initiative created by vibecamp LLC, and vibecamp is providing the seed money to make the initial round of funding possible. vibefund was created by the vibecamp organizer team and shares the same overall mission as vibecamp – to capitalize on the social connective potential of the internet to enrich peoples’ real lives.

Is this a charity?

Although we are giving people money, vibecamp LLC isn’t organized as a non-profit or charitable organization. vibefund grants are investments into the community; the return on that investment is a healthier community.

I need more money, is more available?

We only have a limited pool of funds for the first round, which is a pilot round to see how well this model of community support works. As vibefund receives donations or secures other funding, future rounds of vibefund grants will become available. We can also offer you advice on seeking grants from other organizations.

In the meantime, we’re happy to discuss what other support we can offer you besides cash. Our goal is to put all the community’s collective resources at your disposal. vibefund’s philosophy is that support can come in many forms – a dedicated team member who shares your passions and brings new skills to the table might be more valuable than any amount of money.

What’s the long-term plan here?

vibefund’s real power isn’t the money it can give out, but the connections it can create between people and the centralized, established record of community support and success it will foster. The ‘final form’ of vibefund isn’t just a list of projects, it’s an entire organization dedicated to removing the obstacles between you and your dreams. Skills training, project consulting, job placement, and more are part of vibefund’s mission.

Where else can I find support?

vibefund isn’t alone. See below for a list of similar community support projects!


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