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Get your ticket to vibecelipse! (April 5th - April 8th 2024)

If you have an invite code:
1. Sign up for an account on
2. Enter the invite code
3. Follow the prompts to purchase your ticket

If you don't have an invite code:
1. Sign up for an account on
2. Go to and click "apply" to fill out a short form
3. You will receive notification on your approval within a day or two
4. Once approved finish purchasing your ticket on

Several hundred people look up as the skies darken. They have gathered to this place for a myriad of reasons - for the spiritual experience, to be infused with a sense of wonder about our natural universe, to search for like-minded people, because their friends are going, or because they wanted to find out if this whole vibecamp thing is real or just a meme.

They know perfectly well that the Moon obscures the Sun roughly every 18 months, but they also like to play with frames. Mystical frames are especially fun, and a convergence of the planet is as mystical as it gets.  Some of them observe stone-faced and silent. Some of them pay attention to their body as it reacts to the celestial event. Some merely get lost in the moment. At least one long-haired dude who may or may not have contributed to writing this copy is more interested in watching the crowd, taking note of who is standing where and with whom.

They've spent the last three days at this camp(/festival/unconference/retreat) built by and for nerds, dreamers, and misfits. They are witches. They are programmers. They are fully present.

They are vibing.

And then the dark slowly burns away, and the moment passes. They pack up their bags, board their buses and return to their homes scattered across the world, slightly different people than they were when they arrived. They meet each other back on the internet, until the next excuse to gather comes along...

How is this different from vibecamp?

In all of the important ways, it isn't. Deep connection and collaboration are at the core of every event we put on, and vibeclipse is no exception. We might think "Druids at Spacecamp" would be an excellent theme to plan events around (anyone want to name the constellations that are only visible from the JWST?) but the theme only matters to the extent that you want it to matter.

That said, we are using vibeclipse as an opportunity to experiment with the vibecamp model. For this gathering, we will be sending out referral codes to some people whose vibes we loved and want to see more of.  Those people will bear a degree of responsibility for the people they invite.  Our hope is that this will help us grow in a way that allows us to keep our events special, the culture undiluted. We will also release an application form, to try to catch the people who should be there but don't know anyone (yet).

Our dream for this event is to shift the focus away from big shows and parties, and back to people being people with each other. We'll have limited time on site to set up infrastructure, but we're aiming to get a dome or two set up for more intimate conversations, and are looking into options for smaller hang out areas.

Thank you for bearing with us as we continue to grow beyond that initial couple hundred unknown weirdos who thought gathering in Texas in 2022 seemed like a good idea.

vibeclipseApplicationsFAQPacking List