What is Vibecamp?

VibeCamp is the first festival for the community that is variously called TPoT, ingroup, and postrat twitter. Many of us have made a bunch of friends on the Internet over the last couple of years. VibeCamp is an opportunity to see what we can be together in meatspace.

What is going to be happening at Vibecamp?

Whatever the community brings!

Unlike some festivals you may be familiar with, the Vibecamp organizers are not booking musicians, stages, or vendors. Like a cross between Burning Man and summer camp, Vibecamp organizers are handling basic infrastructure (renting the campsite, selling tickets, medical, legal, etc.), with cabins and a couple of activities provided by the site. If that sounds pretty is! Bringing the fun is where you come in:

Vibecamp participants are gifting and bringing the art, music, activities, and other hedonic infrastructure that will make Vibecamp a blissfully memorable event. That can be nearly anything that suits your fancy.

That sounds like work. What’s the Minimum Vibable Product?

Since Camp Champions is providing cabins and food, all you need to do is show up with bedding, a ticket, and your sweet self, and you’ll be good to vibe.

What if I just want to show up and also camp with my friends?

Then you want to create a TPoT Camp Unity Pod (TCUP)! There is a discord channel for this purpose on the Vibecamp discord. All you have to do is get enough friends to fill a cabin.

But you may want to do more! Ask any experienced burner and they will tell you: you will have more fun if you are contributing to a project you get to see other people enjoy.

OK. But, what?

As it stands, Vibecamp is a summer camp with some cabins – a blank canvas for your creation. You have tremendous creative latitude. If you were coming up with a niche for Burning Man, you would have to consider “Is someone already providing what I would like to bring?” – and the answer would typically be yes. At Vibecamp, we are all in on the ground floor, with ample opportunities to experiment and carve out a community niche. We can be weird and experimental. We can even risk failure. Similarly, this community has the normal set of basic human needs; if you meet one or more of them well, you will be appreciated.

For example?

Are you good with cars? Does the pope need a Popemobile?

Do you brew beer? Bring ‘Many Such Cases’.

More of a coffee enthusiast? Think of a Java pun and open a cafe.

Prefer your fluids viscous? Erect ‘Horny Jail’.

Vertical grooving more your style? Bring a system and light up a dance floor.

Born under a fire sign? Build a (small) effigy! (But only burn it in the designated firepits, please)

I thought this was Vibecamp, not Laborcamp!

Many hands make light work. Your mutuals are very capable, as are the folks hanging out on the Vibecamp discord. If you have a project you want to do, or a theme for a cabin you would like to stay in, an elevator pitch is probably all you need to ✨Find the Others✨

How do I get space for my creation?

Camp Champions has three fine art cabins and one large main hall, in addition to a number of outdoor spaces and pavilions. Join us on the Discord to get involved and help us figure out what you need for your event or contribution! Please note that after January 2022, we may not be able to get your event or offering on the official schedule, but some of our campers are already arranging an unofficial schedule for events that are better-late-than-never.