Community Values

We don’t generally like rules governing behavior, but we’re aware that it’s up to the organizing team to set the tone for vibecamp.

Beyond ‘just vibe, bro’, here are a few things we wanted to tell y’all:

Largely, identifying misconduct will be at the discretion of the org team. We will have people wearing t-shirts marked ‘fae’ onsite who will escalate issues to the org team if necessary. We, the vibecamp org team, reserve the right to ask anyone to leave vibecamp without a refund if we feel it is an appropriate step to take.

Things that we will have zero tolerance for include:

  • acts of physical or sexual assualt (enthusiastic consent and the safety of attendees is VERY important to us)
  • publicly doxxing the names of pseudonymous attendees (don’t be a dick)
  • taking and posting photographs/videos/speech that contain people who have not consented to such (again-don’t be a dick, people)

By default, respect attendees’ anonymity – don’t take or post pics/videos/transcripts and don’t name or imply names unless everyone involved is on board with you doing so. The Chatham House Rule is a great one for this community – You can talk about what was said or what happened, but don’t make it easy to tell who said/did what unless you have explicit consent. Please don't mention Camp Champions in your tweets – only tag @vibecamp_. Oh, and also NO DRUGS!

vibecamp is our baby. We’ve collectively spent hundreds – probably thousands – of hours working to bring this vision to life. We want to be able to hang out with friends old and new, and have a great time together! If any attendees are acting in a way that makes you uncomfortable, please don’t hesitate to bring it to our attention directly, or to a fae volunteer who can contact us. We won’t be able to be everywhere at once and we will do what we can to make this a space where we can all be comfortable in our unique selves.

So what is it that we do want to see there?

YOU, in all of your glorious weirdness. Wear costumes (or don’t)! Make art! Play, talk, dance, meet new people! Touch grass! Curiosity and kindness are values we stan. We will have a crazy range of viewpoints and political leanings represented among attendees. This is a perfect opportunity to let go of what artificially divides us and meet one another as humans.

It’s hard to put a finger on our exact values as a community, because we are so diverse and illegible, but here’s our short list:

  • participation rather than spectatorship
  • fulfilling conversations
  • illegibility and the ability to go meta
  • gentle, friendly pranksterishness
  • building an IRL home for ingroup
  • using social media to connect people who wouldn’t have met otherwise
  • personal and collective growth
  • deep, meaningful connection

While we’re not totally sure what form(s) vibecamp will take over time, we’re sure of a few things. vibecamp is far more than just a bunch of internet strangers getting together for the first time at scale – it is the fulfillment of a dream, a crucial next step along the path towards a better future. We have such incredible people in this community, so much creativity, passion, and talent. Fostering connections between all of us means creating the conditions necessary for amazing people to get together to share thoughts and ideas and begin planning even greater endeavors together.

In the fullness of time we envision vibecamp moving around the world, spawning regional weekend get-togethers that happen more than once a year, and perhaps eventually culminating in purchasing land for a central event location year round. Stay tuned! Give us feedback! Offer your skills and passion! Create what you want to see! We can’t do it without you.