A Secret Note

Congratulations, child of Earth! If you’ve found your way to this page, then you are formally invited to join Omega Mystery School, a secret society for those who wish to ascend.

You may have found your way here through our recruitment materials, or by the personal invitation of Sophia Negativa, or via other more mysterious means. But no matter how you came to us, we trust that the secret mechanics of the Universe have judged your aptitude wisely. Welcome home. It’s Time to Arrive.

What is Omega Mystery School, you ask?

We’re explorers of the arcane sense organs. We’re a rogue choir that sings the music of the spheres. We’re a team of Gnostic shock troopers with our receiver dials set to “ETERNITY.” We’re romantic occultists, renegade researchers, criminals of the liminal. We’re the psychic hyperflux fusion reactor of this rocket ship called Vibecamp, and we’re setting out to forge a new kind of social bond.

If you wish to join us at Vibecamp, then listen carefully! Here are the details of your first mission:

The password is “EYES ALL HEAVENWARD.” Remember it well. Make it an incantation. Sear it into your heart’s recording rolls. Language is only the first gate.

Once you’ve arrived at Vibecamp, you must find Sophia Negativa before Friday afternoon

...and tell her the password.

You will know her by her blue veil.

Places in OMS are limited, so find Sophia quickly. And keep your Friday night open.

Importantly, you must not share this missive or any of its contents with anyone else—especially the agents of LoveBot 3000.

Welcome to Omega Mystery School. Look up. Next stop: the Universe.

(Note that Omega Mystery School may be an intense experience for some. It may involve exposure to flashing lights, quasi-religious ecstasy, and rapid psychological intimacy. Proceed only if the idea of shattering your illusions excites you. That being said, you are always at choice and can freely step away from any mission or exercise for any reason. Reach out to @sophianegativa on Twitter with specific questions about content, but she reserves the right to answer only in cryptic prophecy.)

P.S. If you’re intrigued by the vibe of this project and think you might want to help out, DM @sophianegativa! She is looking for:

  • 2-3 ritual assistants (people who love to hold space for others)
  • 2-3 actors/movers
  • 1 theremin player
  • loans of small tables & floor cushions
  • a romantic partner (Seriously! She’s available!)